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People's history of Derbyshire Part I


A People's History of Derbyshire from the 17th Century to the 1970s


Part I: Chapter headings and outline follow:


1: the earliest days, 17th Century Democrats, the crowd in action, Lead Mining in Derbyshire, guilds and unions, the woolcombers. framework knitting, cotton mills, the Stockingmakers' Association and the French Revolution and its aftermath.

2: Luddism in Derbyshire, the Knitters' Union and the Pentrich Provocation of 1817.

3: 1825-1834, unions and the Combination Laws

4: Countdown to the Reform Act of 1832, the GNCTU and the Derby Turnout of 1833-4

5: Chartism, its bith (1839), second pase (1840-42), decline and renewed growth of trades unionism (1843-66)

6: The Golden Age of Empire - Derbyshire Trades Unionism 1848-1890

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6 Outline of Part I